Natureshed is a lifestyle company that produces the popular drink – ‘zobo’ (also known as Hibiscus Roselle) combined with other indigenous recipes. The company has a vision to control the wellness narrative in Africa through healthy manufacturing practices and cutting edge innovation. 

Agro Fresh

  • Agro Fresh is a banana flavored zobo drink made for Toddlers and students  between the ages of 3 and  12yrs old.
  • It is contained in a 25cl bottle and  each carton has 24 bottles.

Autumn Splash

  • Autumn Splash is a ginger and lemon flavored zobo drink made for health conscious  professionals.
  •  The drink is designed to meet the wellness needs of Nigerian professionals.
  • It is contained in a 50cl bottle and  each carton has 12 bottles.

Urban Magic

  • Urban Magic is a beetroot, lemon and red grape flavored zobo drink made for athletes and sportsmen. Unlike the other products, the Urban Magic is an energy drink.
  • It is contained in a 50cl bottle and each carton has 12 bottles.

NATURESHED: Vision and Objectives

Nature Shed has intentions of growing a wellness culture through healthy and natural products (such as the zobo drink) within and outside Nigeria.

a. Wellness Culture

Promoting a wellness culture is Nature Shed’s main objective.

Nature Shed offers a variety of products for different categories of people, and these products have their distinguishing health benefits. For example, the Urban Magic zobo drink is an energy drink for athletes which aids their performance.

b. Commodity to Brand

In the zobo making industry in Nigeria, there is free entry into the market. And so, there is a high supply of the zobo drink.

However, over the years, there has not been a zobo brand. The zobo drink has always been a commodity.

Nature Shed is not going to be producing any type of zobo drink, but will also be creating a zobo brand.

c. Sustainability

Nature Shed would be promoting a hygienic lifestyle through her zobo drinks.

Nature Shed would move from filling zobo drinks in plastic containers  to using wellness cutting edge technology to aggregate recipes  within 5 years of launch..

This is due to the health disadvantages from these plastic containers and this will help promote a hygienic lifestyle in the industry.

Key Production Processes

The Zobo drink/beverage is made from the dried sepal of the hibiscus plant flower also known as ‘Hibiscus Sabdariffa’. It is a nutritious drink with various health benefits.